New EU Commission answer to our compalint submitted about the EIA procedure for the project of a LNG plant in Trieste (I)
2011-04-03 italy

After the startup of the EIA national procedure on 03.03.2006 for a new LNG terminal in Trieste, near the Italy/Slovenia border, without any official declaration for the application of Espoo Convention (Convention on EIA in a transboundary context) and after the end of the consultation phase of the public, AdriaticGreeNet filed a complaint for non-respect of the Espoo Convention and also of the Aarhus Convention, because this had affected the full knowledge for the public of the environmental informations necessaries to know real impacts of the projected new facility. The EU Commission rejected (June 2007) because the Italian Government "told" them (we didn't find any official act or document about it) they gave notice of procedure starting to Slovenian and Croatian Government. All official acts show the total non-respect of the two Conventions wasn't enough.

In the same year another new project for a LNG terminal offshore in the Gulf of Trieste was presented, so Adriatic GreeNet decided to present a new complaint ( November 2008) refuting the previous answer of EU Commission and underlining that although the two projects were planned in the same area they ignored each other. On 01.07.2009, with the same kind of giustification - Italian Government said to have involved the other Countries...- the EU Commission rejected also because the authorization procedure was not at its end.

After the official publication of the national decree of positive conclusion of EIA about the on-shore terminal, in which you could see that Italian Government lied to EU Commission about the "so called" application of ESPOO and Aarhus Conventions, we presented a new complaint but on 01.03.2011 we received a new reject of it because -as they wrote- the final decree of an EIA procedure doesn't mean the ultimate authorisation under the EIA Directive 85/337/CEE; also they informed us that "EU Commission is playing a facilitating role between Italy and Slovenia in the discussion about the LNG terminals int the Gulf of Trieste. So in this time they shall refrain from conducting parallel investigation not to compromise the ongoing dialogue".

AdriaticGreeNet considers unacceptable the responses of the EU Commission and will continue to report non-compliance with the Aarhus and Espoo Conventions as required by European Law.

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