Implementation of the Project "The Right of the BiH Citizens to a Healthy Environment" starts
2011-03-11 bosnia & herzegovina

Doboj, January 10, 2011 - The Center for Management, Development and  Planning - MDP Initiatives officially started implementation of the  project "The Right of the BiH Citizens to a Healthy Environment@ as of January 01,  2011.

The Project will be implemented within next eighteen months in two  North East municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Project aims at  establishing mechanisms for implementation of the Aarhus Convention.
Selected municipalities will receive technical support in elaboration of  plans for waste disposal with full participation of citizens from these  two local communities. At least ten (10) non-governmental organizations  from two selected municipalities will be educated for participation in  the process of elaboration of waste disposal plans as well as for  monitoring of their implementation in line with entity laws.

The Aarhus Convention defines common international standards for access  to information, right to participate and access to judiciary in  environmental issues. Forty four (44) states are parties to the  Convention, including Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Project "The Right of the BiH Citizens to a Healthy Environment" is 73 000 Euro  worth. Ninety (90) % is financed by the European Commission. The main  partner to MDP Initiatives in implementation of this Project is the Association for Protection of Flora and Fauna from Lukavac.