Interview with Corrado Altran

Photo story – 2012

-I care for… DREŽNIK GRAD

-I care for.. POČITELJ

-I care for… BAČ 

Final Report

-Final Report

“I care for…Europe”


The 2012 “I Care for…”, a campaign of volunteers for Culture promoted by AdriaticGreeNet in collaboration with UNESCO Club from Udine, concluded its program with the conference “I Care for Europe” in the Villa Moretti, in the City of Tarcento .

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“I care for…Tarcento-Villanova delle Grotte”

The international volunteer camp in Tarcento-Villanova delle Grotte concluded “I care for…” project for 2012, and the meeting in Villa Moretti was included, promoted by the Europe’s House from Gemona del Friuli and managed by AdriaticGreeNet.

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“I care for…Počitelj”


I wish to send You the photos of the trip by bycicle that we -Alberto Sartori and Francesco Guerra- made from 28th June until 4th July; we live in Gemona del Friuli, Province of Udine and our trip started from Trieste to Počitelj in Bosnia-Herzegovina where, after 7 days and 627 km, we could participate to the International Volunteer Camp “I care for Počitelj”

I care for…Tarcento-Villanova delle Grotte: with the support of Coop – Consumatori NordEst

 The International volunteer camp in Tarcento-Villanova delle Grotte will be realized also thanks to the contribution of CoopConsumatori NordEst.
The enterprise form of cooperation, as possible way to give answers to the cultural, social and economic needs of people and territories, will be the argument of one of the provided workshops during the camp, on 31st of August. It will be presented the experience of social district of Gemona-San Daniele del Friuli, based on the collaboration with its reference territory.

I care for…Tarcento-Villanova delle Grotte


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I care for…Bač: Radio Odžaci

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I care for…Bač: Večernje novosti 26 July 2012

 PROJECT: Volunteers from Italy, Ireland, Croatia are working to prepare fortress for further reconstruction

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