It still remains a lot to do - to return its former glory to Pocitelj
categoria: euroregione/bosnia & herzegovina - 24/01/2012

The government of Federation of Bosnia&Herzgovina has spent 4,98 millions of Bosnians marks for restoration of the old city and his permanent protection. During the realization of project "Permanent protection of Počitelj" from 2002 to 2011, houses were restored and also religous and traditional buildings, path walls, seweres and public lighting.

Počitelj - (foto Altran)

-Treba još puno kako bi mu se vratio nekadašnji sjaj - Dnevni list

Babushkas and jewellery

Although, satisfied with all projects  in past years, Dževad Ibrulj from Association of citizens "Počitelj" considers that it has to be done lot of jobs to return its former glory (splendor) to Počitelj.
"It's not enough to restore walls and let tourists to walk on walls. Actually, Počitelj isn't on level to prove complete touristic offer. Although, 100.000 tourists have past through Počitelj, both domestic and foreign, the touristic offer is still very poor. In addition, it should be opened post office, ambulanta... All in all, it has been done a lot, but much much more needs to be done", thinks Ibrulj who is the most disappointed by the fact that one of the most famous touristic cities of our country doesn't have an original souvenir. "Even though, there isn't tourist which can't be impressed with this town in which, as many people tell, is possible to see  special combination of Mediterranean and East, unfortunately there is not much to offer in the summer, much less in winter period. In fact, nobody has done authenticity of souvenirs. Babushkas, imitation of jewellery, Chinese goods that have not connection with Počitelj have been sold like souvenirs. Počitelj needs souvenir that will always remind tourists on Počitelj" says Ibrulj. According to him, until now there were several proposals to announce a contest to create an authentic souvenir, but there was no interest.

Cooperation with Italians

Speaking about the projects in this year, Ibrulj mentioned applications adressed to CBC (cross-border cooperation). Up to now, the cooperation is established with Italian NGO "AdriaticGreeNet" from Tarcento. "We will work with them this year. Their volunteers will come and work on cleaning and maintenance of historical monuments. Together with them ("AdriaticGreeNet") and Municipality of Čaplinja, we submitted an application for IPA funds. The old city has a lot to offer to the world and world needs to help to Počitelj to shine again in all its glory." said Ibrulj.

- translation by Slavica Mendelski